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The signed declaration expresses the acceptance of voluntary self-commitment to putting the Sustainability Codex into practice based on its guidelines and guiding principles, and that the company will strive to fullfil these requirements in the future. 

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We recognise the ten guidelines of the Sustainability Codex of the German-speaking Events Industry as a qualitative standard for acting sustainably and consider themselves 'sustainable business people'.

We use the guiding principles as orientation for putting this voluntary self-commitment into practice. We will regularly report on our progress in implementing the Sustainability Codex.

Furthermore, we are ready to participate in the exchange of experiences among Codex supporters in order to enable a process of optimisation to further the Sustainability Codex.

The initiators can decline an inquiry, there is no legal right.

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Even if „rightandfair“ doesn’t require a compulsory fee, the project of course causes financial expenditures. Please help us to provide this project with secure financial footing for the future – for example by contributing with a 200 € donation. All revenue generated by those means will 100% benefit the project. The invoicing will happen once your „rightandfair“ membership is confirmed. Regular terminations of membership is possible by giving notice of termination 3 month by years end.

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