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To take Responsibility is a matter of honour

1. To take responsibility when organising and running events means to be able and ready to ANSWER entrepreneurial questions and to stand by the con-sequences of one’s own actions. The Sustainability Codex of the German-speaking events industry is an industry specific codex. It offers practical guidance to all stakeholders so they can assume this responsibility.

2. First and foremost, companies in the events sector consider sustainable practices to be a unique opportunity. Cost-benefit advantages from sustain-ability, combined with locational advantages, are expected to become the KEY SUCCESS FACTOR in international competition.

3. This Codex was initiated by the German Convention Bureau e. V. (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC). It is borne by their members and will be continually enhanced.

4. The initiators invite all stakeholders involved in organising and running events to give their COMMITMENT TO RESPONSIBILITY by declaring their support for the Sustainability Codex. Ten guidelines of the Sustainability Codex, as well as guiding principles, offer help on how to put sustainability into action. With their declaration of support as a voluntary self-commitment, ‘sustainable business people’ commit themselves to acting sustainably in all relevant economic, ecological and social aspects. ‘Sustainable business people’ regularly report on their progress of implementing the Sustainability Codex.

5. The associations GCB and EVVC will do all they can to support the Codex’s realisation and take suitable measures to support its implementation. They will promote the NETWORK OF INNOVATION AND KNOWLEDGE of Codex signers, and systematically lead them into the ‘sustainable motion’ process of exchange and optimisation.