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GUIDELINES of corporate responsibility for sustainability when organising and running events

1. STRATEGY.. Sustainable practice means to act strategically and take the lead, and it means integration in company processes.

2. Sustainability is primarily considered an OPPORTUNITY; to resolve future effects of entrepreneurial actions, and to everyone’s advantage.

3. The ‘sustainable business person’ meets his responsibility in the region to enhancing the  COMMON GOOD.

n equilibrium with ecological and social aspects are equal concerns for a company’s long-term stability.

5. Responsible use of RESOURCES AND ENERGY means 1) to avoid, 2) to reduce and 3) to replace with renewables.

6. The ‘sustainable employer’ takes on a high level of SOCIAL COMPETENCE towards his employees; he improves and supports their further qualifications and ensures employment.

7. Out of RESPECT for the human being, the ‘sustainable business person’ takes a stand for the compliance with human rights, and is against all acts of discrimination and corruption.

is an attitude. Transparency of sustainable measures is the consequence of this attitude.

9. The voluntary SELF-COMMITMENT to sustainability is a self-addressed obligation that will turn into the demand of society.

10. The ‘sustainable business person’ sets INCENTIVES to rethink and act in order to include employees and partners in the permanent improvement process of sustainability.