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The Sustainability Codex is a voluntary self-commitment to corporate responsibility for sustainability when organizing and running events. 

All stakeholders involved in the process of organising and running events are invited to join the Sustainability Codex. Stakeholders are free to decide if they deem the Codex guidelines valid for their company policy and how the practical application of the guiding principles is to be designed. 

1. The first – and most important – reason is obvious: We only have one earth to live on – and we desperately need to treat it better if we want to keep living on it

2. Every step towards sustainability helps. For that reason you don’t have to fulfil any requirements or conditions – you only need to commit, start walking and keep following the path towards the sustainability goals consistently. What exactly you can do? That’s mostly up to you – but specific suggestions are provided to you by the guidelines and principles of rightandfair.

3. Sustainable events are becoming an important topic – or even a requirement – for more and more companies. With your commitment to the overall principles of rightandfair, you are a step ahead of many of your competitors – and of course will be able to use this advantage in your marketing. Do something good and talk about it!

Sustainability plays an important role for a large part of society these days. More and more companies want to make a contribution with their leadership to balancing economic, ecological and social aspects.